A great egret looks for breakfast at Calamvale Creek


Creek boundary

Calamvale Creek is roughly bounded by Parklands Street and Orania Crescent in the north, Honeysuckle Way in the south, Gowan Road in the east, and Tupelo Street and (west) Golden Avenue in the west.

There is a road bridge over the wetlands along Golden Avenue.

Downstream, a wooden bridge is a central part of the creek and surrounding parkland, and from it you can walk in any direction along any side of the creek.

Using our photos

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What's around the creek?

by Norman the cane toad

Houses now surround the parks and grassy areas around Calamvale Creek.

Slightly away from the creek there are small shopping centres at each end of Kameruka Street, a Salvation Army worship centre, a Baptist Church, a Buddhist temple, and some plant nurseries.

There is also a police station, numerous daycare centres, and a large school (Calamvale Community College).

There are several small playgrounds for the kids, with swings, things to climb on, and ball courts.

Critters of Calamvale Creek

Map of the creek

by Harry the white-faced heron

CreekMap (25K)Here is a map the critters have prepared to show you where we have made our home in Calamvale Creek, Brisbane, Australia.

Full page map

You can print out a full page map (PDF 87 KB) if you want to see it more clearly.

We move a lot

The map shows the boundaries of the Golden Pond wetland system: channels, constructed wetlands, downstream natural creek.

I should warn you that like any neighbourhood, residents of the creek come and go, visitors visit, and some of us move house. Some of us appear only at certain times of day or night, or at certain times of the year.

Map is a guide

So this map is not like a zoo guide. We do have our favourite trees and areas, and some of us are stay-at-home types who are always here. But others of us like to visit friends in other places, or go on holidays if we want to try a different menu. So if some of us are missing when you come, sorry — but it's either the wrong time or we are out of town.

Happy creeking!