A great egret looks for breakfast at Calamvale Creek


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Fish are cold-blooded vertebrates found throughout the world in salt water and fresh water.

They include goldfish and sharks, eels and marlin, pretty blue tang and drab fish that blend into the background.

They vary enormously in size, shape and colour. Some adult fish are only about a centimetre long and others may reach more than 20 metres (60 feet).

Most fish have a keen sense of smell and good vision, and many (especially those that swim near the surface), can see in colour.

Fish that live near the surface or in midwater are mostly flattened on the sides, while those that live near the bottom are usually flattened on their upper sides and undersides.

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Fish of Calamvale Creek

Elwood the eel

Being a fish in a creek can be a dangerous occupation.

It's a wildfowl habitat here at Calamvale Creek, and what do many water birds like to eat? Fish of course!

In fact, as a carnivorous fish myself, I also like a meal of small fish.

Fortunately, we eels are too big for most birds, so they leave us alone.

We do have to cope with the occasional overzealous kookaburra, who will dive-bomb us as though we are snakes.

But when they realize we are three times their size, they come to a screeching stop.

That's the fun part of being an eel.

Critters of Calamvale Creek

Fish of Calamvale Creek

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