A great egret looks for breakfast at Calamvale Creek


Photos of Calamvale

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The main requirement of course is that it must be in Calamvale.

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We are aiming to give visitors who have never seen the area an idea of general life in the suburb that surrounds the creek.

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What's in Calamvale?

Calamvale is a pretty, peaceful suburb on the southern outskirts of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Apart from the wildfowl habitat that is the main feature of this website, the suburb has a lot of parks, play areas, schools and daycare centres.

It has places of worship, several small shopping centres, plant nurseries, a hotel, McDonald's, and a good bus service.

Critters of Calamvale Creek

Photos of Calamvale (Brisbane, Australia)

by Irma the ibis

Just because I'm a big bird, everyone thinks I can fly great distances easily. So the critter council asked me to give you a quick tour of some of the places around Calamvale — the suburb that contains the wildfowl habitat that we live in.

big_bob_tree (40K)

So here goes. The first photo is of the Big Bob tree. This is the tree you'll see as you head down to Calamvale Creek from east Golden Avenue.

golden_avenue_houses (28K)

If you come around from west Golden Avenue (pictured above), you won't see the Big Bob tree, so you will have to follow this street around until you see the park.

shopping_centre_1 (19K)

At each end of Kameruka Street is a small shopping centre. The one above is at the Gowan Road end.

calamvale_hotel (27K)

Away from Calamvale Creek a little, on Compton Road, is the Calamvale Hotel. This was formerly the site of the homestead of James Calam, an early settler in the area after whom Calamvale is named. The Calams owned the land until the McGuire family bought part of it in 1984 and built the hotel on it.

police_station (22K)

Near the west Golden Avenue entrance, on Kameruka Street, is Calamvale Police Station.

salvation_army (32K)

Next door to the police station is the Salvation Army Worship Centre.

trinity_baptist_church (36K)

Around the corner from Kameruka Street, on Beaudesert Road, is an independent Baptist church.

calamvale_college_2 (20K)

A long block away, on the other side of Beaudesert Road, is Calamvale Community College. The college opened in 2002 with 1170 students, and by 2006 the number of students from Preschool to Year 12 had reached 2100.

— Irma the ibis