A great egret looks for breakfast at Calamvale Creek


Scientific stuff


Birds are warm-blooded vertebrates belonging to the class Aves. Their major distinguishing feature is that they all have feathers. There are around 9000 living species of birds, and more than 1000 extinct species.

The smallest living bird is probably a hummingbird from Cuba, which is about 6 cm (2.5 inches) long, and weighs only as much as a table tennis ball.

Birds have hollow wing bones and two strong sets of breast muscles to allow them to fly. Some birds do not fly, such as the emu and cassowary (but neither of them lives at Calamvale Creek). Beaks are made of lightweight horn.

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Birds of Calamvale Creek

by Nosy the noisy miner

Many types of birds love Calamvale Creek. It is a good environment to raise our kids.

Some of us are mainly tree birds, and others are mainly water birds.

Although you may find us anywhere around the creek and surrounding parkland, we have our favourite trees and territories where you are more likely to find us.

My bird acquaintances at Calamvale Creek include kookaburras, butcherbirds, egrets, cormorants, ducks, ibises, crested pigeons, purple swamphens, dusky moorhens, night herons, magpie larks, Royal spoonbills, rosellas, crows, plovers, mynas, and sometimes galahs, sulphur-crested cockatoos, and rainbow lorikeets.

Critters of Calamvale Creek

Birds of Calamvale Creek

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